What am I doing now?

And what is on my mind at the moment.
"People often ask me what I’m doing now. Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not. So in 2016 I added a /now page to my website. A simple link. Easy to remember. Easy to type. It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities."

I am in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and focuSsing on the following things:

2023 has been a rocky year. Both professionally and in our personal lives.

My partner has been battling a burn-out, so that put some extra pressure on everything, but I think we came out stronger. We are taking it easy and she's slowly finding energy again to start thinking about some next steps. You'll get there babe!

I read a lot about mycellium and nature. Books I'm excited about:

Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard
The Doors of Perception by Alduos Huxley 
Underland by Robert MacFarlane
The Overstory by Richard Powers
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake

I work out daily, in the Soho gym with Tabe. And I've been walking at least 10.000 steps a day. This keeps me fit mentally and physically. Walking is great for creativity, so I suggest taking walking meetings over (or with) coffee any time.
My current streak is 421 days, averaging over 15.000 steps a day 💪.

As soon as it get light earlier in the morning I will also pick up the sunrise paddle boarding. Join me if you want to experience Amsterdam (and me) at our finest.

Amélie, Mika, Eli and Mia

They are growing up so fast! 

I'm extremely blessed to experience the development have four kids who develop really fast and beautifully.

Amélie is in her final year of the Gymnasium. She is the sweetest, most empathetic girl I know, often teaching me I can be blunt and too direct. 

Mika is in fourth grade of highschool. He loves gaming and watching shows. He quit his job working as a jumpmaster at Jumpsquare because it is not making him enough money :P. He trashed his mom's house for his sweet sixteen birthday party, so everything is going according to plan I guess.

Eli is pure sunshine. He is in sixth group of elementary school now. He great at maths and just can't stop talking... to anybody...  seriously. He plays soccer, has a really good kick in his right leg and plays Roblox, a f-ing lot. 

Mia turned 5 yesterday and is in the second group of elementary school in December. She is still a handful with a great sense of humour and remains the cutest thing ever. She broke her arm, second time she breaks an arm, this time in the public library jumoping off stuff. She's a little shining energetic beautiful menace to herself mainly, but probably to society when she gets older.


🌐 The Changing Work Landscape
In the wake of Covid, our work environments have transformed dramatically. With the rise of remote work, hybrid models, and nomadic lifestyles, we're embracing unprecedented freedom in shaping our work lives. However, this shift isn't without its challenges. As we increasingly rely on technology like ChatGPT for assistance, we risk losing the human connection that's vital for a thriving company culture. The essence of working and building together is fading, and maintaining a robust, unified company culture is becoming more challenging.

🎯 Introducing "Stealth-cool-brand-name"
To address this, I am excited to introduce "Stealth-cool-brand-name" – an innovative app designed to weave learning and company values into daily interactions.

SCBN offers:
- Online assessments, exercises, and team games to boost team spirit.
- Seamless integration of 3-5 minute interactions into daily operations.
- Extensive workshops with measurable outcomes and progress tracking.
- Bi-directional communication for valuable insights into team well-being and values.

🔍 The Journey So Far
This journey began with Tag The Love building the an Icebreaker tool and later the "Kickstart App." These tools, developed for one of the world's largest corporates, received incredibly positive feedback. Now, as we evolve into the "SCBN Suite," we're set to redefine team engagement in remote and hybrid working environments.

🤝 Looking for a Co-Founder
I am now on the lookout for a co-founder who shares a passion for fostering company culture and values in this new work era. The ideal candidate would be:
- Passionate about innovation and tech.
- Experienced in business development and strategy.
- Enthusiastic about creating impactful, user-friendly tech solutions.

If you believe in the power of team spirit and are ready to join a venture that's set to revolutionize the way companies maintain their culture and values, I'd love to hear from you.

Let's build something extraordinary together. Reach out for a conversation and let's turn "Stealth-cool-brand-name" into the go-to solution for companies worldwide.


At Kinder we empower people to instantly and act on the global challenges of our time by facilitating donations to effective change. The more impact driven charities perform, the more it will be promoted on our platforms.

In collaboration with renown universities, our research team has developed an extensive vetting framework to assess the performance of charities, big or small.

After the reboot at the end of 2021, 2022 was a year of the first traction and finding product market fit. This was challenging because we have little resources but we found great pilot clients in three different pillars:

1. Our services for high net worth individuals and family offices
We understand that for many individuals and families with significant financial resources, it can be challenging to navigate the vast landscape of charities and determine which organizations are making the most impact. We help you to make informed and future proof decisions.

2. Our services for companies and brands
Many companies and brands are looking to align their marketing and branding efforts with the SDGs and purpose-driven initiatives. We help them to do this by developing United Actions around topics they care about. 

3. Providing our Transactions for Good APIs to online businesses
We offer online businesses and the Web3 space the opportunity to connect their sales directly to change for the planet through our APIs. This allows a percentage of transaction amounts to be automatically donated to causes that the business or its customers care about.

Currently working on:
Strategic partnerships with companies which have a footprint within these three pillars.
We are looking to find synergies with wealth management companies to target high networth individuals and family offices, with ad agencies and consultancies to reach brands and corporations and with Web3 platforms and investors to reach projects, collections, artists and the likes.

Please reach out if you want to get to know more of our plans our think there could be a nice fit.

Tag The Love

Build the most beautiful platforms for the stuff you love.

Tag The Love helps you achieve your online goals by helping you create a superior content and web app platform fueled with powerful stories.
And then it facilitates you to manage it in the easiest possible way.

Working on:
We're building a cool ice breaker tool for a brand to get online meetings started with the right mindset. Let me know if you want a demo or if you have a project you want to brainstorm on and need developed.

Do you need my help?

I also posted this on my social media, so why not here:

If you have lost your job or your company doesn't thrive as usual and we have ever crossed paths, went to school/university together or our paths crossed in any other way (even if you just stumbled onto my blog here), don't hesitate to contact me and let me know how I can assist you.

Every weekend (Saturday or Sunday, depending on the family planning) I'm opening up my calendar for half a day to help out others. Can be moving or assembling some furniture, driving your grandmother somewhere, mentoring, really just lending a helping hand. Please reach out if you can use my help.

#helpothers #shareknowledge #useyournetwork

These are my current priorities and I will update this page as my focus changes.

Current city:  
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Last updated:
December 2023

This post is inspired by Derek Sivers The /Now Page movement 


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