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Father of four; Amélie, Mika, Eli and Mia living on a houseboat in the center of Amsterdam.

Mathys (49) has been an entrepreneur for 25+ years. He started his first business while he was studying Astronomy and Computer Science at Leiden University. After living in Silicon Valley during the Internet Boom in 1999 he ventured his way onto the World Wide Web. All his projects are focusing on enhancing his own life and innovating things around him, that’s what gets his clock ticking the fastest.

He has founded 30 companies/projects and is now focusing on Playbook and the 'tech-for-good'-startup Kinder. He is also the founder of Mobypicture and its Real Time Web Product Tag The Love, and secretly working on Peter's Pan.

He's mentoring founders and start-ups on a regular basis and officially at Startupbootcamp and Rockstart. 

“I like to observe people and improve the way we do things.”

The Playbook platform offers innovative solutions for team collaboration, regardless of where and when people work. With interactive tools, gamification, and relevant, human content, Playbook helps remote colleagues work together smoothly and with more enjoyment.

Kinder is empowering global citizens to contribute effectively to a kinder world. 

The Tag The Love technology is used by customers in television, sports, entertainment, magazine and music industries and Mathys is responsible for product strategy, concept and business development.

Mathys has won several prestigious awards (Red Herring 100, Webby Award, Vodafone Mobile Clicks), and was named Online Media Man of the year and Startup Founder by The Next Web.

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