The story of the stolen bike which missed us too much

So Sophie her bike got stolen last friday.
She was devastated. She always locks her bike with all locks and she was seriously the first time she didn't.

The rest of the weekend she spent biking through the neighbourhood to look if maybe someone left it somewhere and we both vigorously searched the online marketplaces to see if the thief might try to sell the bike.
Sophie also posted the bike to Facebook, asking friends for help.
Yesterday Sophie got a call from a rescuing angel. He found the bike locked in the neighbourhood right in front a drugaddict shelter. He didn't trust the fact that a brand new 'mommy'-bike was there and took the bike, locked it across the street with an extra lock of his own.
The bike had a sticker of the store where Sophie bought it on it, so Hugo called it, the store owners gave him Sophie's number and he called her. Sophie couldn't be more happy.

There was still one problem. The keys. The bike was locked and so the thief still had all the keys. Of two offices, our home, two more bikes, Sophie her parents keys.

Sophie called the cops to tell them the bike was found in front of the drug/homeless shelter. They said they couldn't do anything about it?!
No investigation, nothing. So the cops want you to file charges when something gets stolen, but won't do anything, even if they get a very thorough lead.
The thief will keep stealing bikes and will make many people who rely on their transportation unhappy.

Not just for Sophie, but also for our hero, Hugo Hoes, who lives right across the shelter, things could get a bit ugly.
It didn't stop him though and we are very thankful for that.
Hugo called the shelter and told them that the police was on it's way and they better give him the keys.

When he got home yesterday by some miracle the keys we're in the lock!

So we live happily ever after! Oh please and go buy Hugo his book.

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