The Kinder 10

What an inspiring group. And you can be part of it. But hurry.

Since 2017 we've been working passionately to figure out how to advance the charitable sector. Kinder grew out of my personal observations with over fourty charitable organisations and many projects we sponsored with Mobypicture. 

The main problem is the lack of accountability in the sector. Money to run the operations is gifted and there are no SLA's with the donors. This makes being 'impact driven' not the top priority but it should be.

Don't get me wrong. All these organisations are run and supported by kind people who want the best for this world. That's a great start!

Doing good is hard. We exist to empower global citizens to effectively contribute to a kinder world. We do this by bringing together high-quality research, tech-for-good tools, and the power of storytelling.

We academicly vet charitable organisations and use the benchmarked data to curate the best solutions to the world's biggest problems and offer tech and tools to let people engage frictionless.

New backers

Last month we proudly welcomed two more Kinder backers. That brings the subtotal to ten impact driven investord since we signed the first batch exactly one year ago.

They are a great bunch of networked advisors who introduce us to many stakeholders in the charitable and financial spaces we with Kinder are maneuvering in.

To get an idea of who they are:

  1. A prominent Dutch family with deep roots in commerce, private equity and philanthropy.
  2. A real estate investor who, together with his kids, decided to dedicate all his resources to leave the world better than he found it, focussing on connecting wealth to highly effective causes.
  3. A hedgefund manager from London who has put a big part of his earned fortune in a charitable fund also fond of effective solutions.
  4. A Dutch entrepreneur who after two big exits has now become a very commited impact investor.
  5. A Scottish entrepreneur who is disrupting the hotel market with a hybrid model while dedicating a lot of his ‘free’ time and resources to make life more humane for refugees.
  6. A Dutch/British impact investor who runs her family office from Israel focussing mainly on impact investing.
  7. A Dutch startup investor and his brother who, besides investing in startups, also support many social projects focussing on loans for education.
  8. A social entrepreneur who after he sold his company to E-bay became a successful vegan food investor.
  9. A rooted Dutch VC and private equity principle.
  10. Another rooted Dutch VC and impact investor focussing mainly on Africa.

We still have room for one more backer to bridge our funding gap. 
If you want to the Kinder 11th, or know someone who would be suitable for the list, please contact me


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