The Freeze effect

People in Africa are still hungry, the sea level is rising, the rhinoceros is almost extinct, the ocean is full of plastic, people are on the run on more than one continent and children are creating your t-shirts. Good morning!

Thanks to our social media behaviour we cannot close our eyes to the problems in the world anymore. Each minute of the day we are confronted by an endless amount of injustice.

That feels annoying sometimes, but the confronters mean well. The ongoing need of numerous topics has never been so visible as it is now, thanks to social media. But the overload makes us "freeze". What should we focus on. How can we be part of the solution. Where do you start?

You care about children, but also want to save the Orangutans. However you don't have enough to donate to both. 20 euros per month is 240 euros per year.
Then there is also the other side of charities. How can you be sure the donated money is well spent?

To sum things up:
The sheer amount of different charities, their transparency (or lack of it) and the difficult donation schemes add up to one often donating zero.

This although, in principle, you are willing to donate to good causes.

The above and deeper investigation into what young people think about all of this has sparked my mind into coming up with Kinder and starting Kinder Donations.

I believe that the things which are wrong with this field can be fixed.

It should be easier:

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