Supporting Bas support two great initiatives

Oh, while he is climbing Mount Everest...

I met Bas at the beginning of this year at an IPAN event. It was the first event where I spoke about Kinder.

Bas told me he wanted to be the first guy to stand on his hands on the Mount Everest.

I asked him why. He answered: "Why not."

Bas told me that he was into sports and he had gotten a real kick out of getting his lazy friends of the couch a few years ago and motivating them to take care of themselves. All of his friends are now fit as hell and still actively participating in all kinds of sports.

That inspired him to inspire others to make the most out of their lives. That's why he wants to pursue all kind of incredible dreams and along the path share his adventures.
The first goal is to climb Mount Everest in 2018.

Oh, did I mention that he has NEVER climbed a mountain of any any height before in his life?

Yep, he hasn't. His plan is the following:

First climb the Mont Blanc (4.810m). (Which is only the heighest mountain of Europe.)
Than in October climb the Ama Dablam (6.812m). (Which is only one of the technically toughest mountains in the world.)
And then in May 2018 start his ascent to the Mount Everest (8.848m).

His final climb of his expedition to the Mont Blanc starts tomorrow morning!

This is what Bas blogged about this morning:

"Monday morning we will start our climb to the Tete de Rousse hut, the starting point of our Mont Blanc climb. The weather forecast is not good, we expect it to be raining all day long, except for a three our window, which we will use to reach the hut. Our plan is to head for the Refuge du Goûter the morning after (5:30 AM), where we will have a short break and eat, drink and rest a bit. What's next? Onwards to the top, where we should be able to finish between 11.00 and 13.00. We will however need to count our blessings, because today nobody was able to climb up because of the bad weather. So far so good though. See you at the top!"

We helped Bas in a few ways.

First we developed his adventure sharing website. There anybody can follow his adventures. We developed a strategy for him to tell the story of his quest on a daily basis.

We also helped him pick two charitable causes. The Emma Childrens Hospital and the Prinses Maxima Centre. If you feel inspired by Bas and want to part take in his journey. Donate to one of these causes!

Also follow all his adventures via social media:



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