So, what to watch - how to curate?

Okay I asked on FB what I should watch on Netflix.

This got me 58 contributions of all well respected friends and even friends of friends (also well respected I hope). Thanks so much for all this input! But the vast amount of suggestions also makes it pretty hard to select of course. Two contributor suggested someone or some website, I took these out of the equasion for now.

I guess that's one of the bigger issues of this age. And therefore we need a fool which helps you manage your curatorship.

So take the question about Netflix for example.

I have put all the data in a spreadsheet and started crunching.

In total there were 90 suggestions, but of course some duplicates.

The Top 8 based on amounts were:

Trapped (5 suggestions)
Homeland (4 suggestions)
Stranger Things (4 suggestions)
Black Mirror (3 suggestions)
Fauda (3 suggestions)
House of Cards (3 suggestions)
The OA (3 suggestions)
The Fall (3 suggestions)

Then there was a big list (15 titles) with two suggestions: 
Bloodline, Chef's table, Derek, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Downtown Abbey, Fargo, Luther, Marco Polo, Orphan Black, Peaky blinders, Shooter, The Affair, The Bridge, The Killing and The Last Kingdom.

And 31 titles which were suggested only once.

But how to select, because so far the only selection is Facebook and numbers. There's genres, guys and girls with tastes of their own. Let's start there!

Of the 57 contributors there were 20 male and 27 female.

41 suggestions by 20 men (2,05 on average) and 49 suggestions by 27 women (1,81 suggestions on average).

The female Top 9:

Homeland (4 suggestions)
Chef's table (2 suggestions)
Downton Abbey (2 suggestions)
Fauda (2 suggestions)
The OA (2 suggestions)
Peaky Blinders (2 suggestions)
The Fall (2 suggestions)
The Killing (2 suggestions)
Trapped (2 suggestions)

And 28 titles which were suggested once by the women

The male top 4:

Stranger Things (3 suggestions)
Trapped (3 suggestions)
Black Mirror (2 suggestions)
House of Cards (2 suggestions)

And 31 titles which were suggested once by the guys.

This gives me some funny insights:

1. Only Trapped is in the Top suggestions by both the guys and the girls. That actualy disqualifies it for me to watch now, because this seems to be good to watch with Sophie.

2. A few of these series I've already seen. Homeland, a hit. I've tried Downtown Abbey, and Sophie liked it, I didn't. I love the Black Mirror series. Sophie doesn't, she can't sleep afterwards. I loved House of Cards, but that actually made Sophie fall asleep.... I once suggested to watch Black Mirror followed by House of Cards to solve all problems.

3. I find it surprising that Fauda, The Fall and The Killing are trending with the girls and not the guys.

4. There were very few suggestions of documentaries and movies. Zero to be specific in the Top lists. I also find it very hard to pick a movie on Netflix. Totally dislike the browse inteface and the lack to search on IMDB rating or something alike.

5. I was surprised to have so little people suggest The Crown (only Lieselotte came up with that one). It was buzzing over the last few months (or at least in my bubble) and I would have expected more.

I'm going to watch Stranger Things. And start thinking about a tool which can help curate stuff like this.


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