Sneak peak into the upcoming Kinder United Actions functionality

In the coming weeks Kinder will launch the United Actions platform. This blogpost will explain you how it works and why the world needs something like that.

We are often confronted with societal problems in the world. This could be the global COVID-19 pandemic, the bushfires in Australia, Climate Change or the plastic soup etc.

We, as concerned global citizens, want to contribute to impactful solutions, not to specific organisations persé. This results in fierce competition between the different organisations who actually have the same end goals.

We as potential contributors end up being confused and often dissatisfied with the results, if we commit in the first place at all.

This is where the Kinder United Actions functionality can play a crucial role.

The better the organisation performs, the more effective they are in solving the problem they are trying to fix, the bigger the monthly check they get!

What is a Kinder United Actions?

The United Actions is a thoroughly researched, data driven, curated collection of highly effective organisations that are implementing compelling measures to tackle a certain societal problem. For example take Plastic Pollution.

We are touched by images of dead birds with vast amounts of plastics in their stomach, or by images of the plastic soup in our oceans, or filling up the beaches. We see pictures of turtles or seals with six pack plastics around their necks and brave people trying to save them.

There is a variety of interventions to solve Plastic Pollution, a small list:

All of these different approaches could play a role in fixing the problem and might need support. But can you decide what is the best program or has the highest priority? If yes, can you pick the best organisation implementing that particular program?

This is where the Kinder vetting framework and our data benchmarks come into play.

We research the entire field, looking at all the interventions and find the best organisations. The organisations are selected by Kinder’s research team because they have a visable trackrecord of transparency, accountability and efficiency on the subject at hand.

We do all the research for you, so you don't get stuck with these difficult matters and just enjoy the warm glow of contributing to positive change.

Via the Kinder United Actions you can easily donate, in one single effort, to either the whole group of organisations or to individual ones on a once or recurring basis. You are in charge of the terms, you can always change the amounts or stop the donation alltogether. 

How does a United Actions work?

The Kinder research team investigates the field and finds organisations, in our database and beyond, focussing on the theme with their programs.

We vet the organisations that are new and automatically, based on the results, a benchmarked ranking appears. We select the most effective ones. (could be a set number of orgs or all orgs above a decided threshold)

The next step is to inform the selected Kinder approved organisations and onboard the new ones and create the United Actions on Kinder.World.

When we launch the United Actions, Kinder users can donate to it (once or monthly/yearly recurring), start a fundraiser for it or support it by following the progress and sharing it with their networks.

The funds get distributed to the organisations on a monthly basis.

How do we distribute the funds?

The raised amount is distributed equally or based on the results of the vetting.
For example let's say there are five organisations in the appeal.

The top organisation scores a 78 on our vetting framework.
the second one 72, the third 67, the fourth 53 and the last one 51. We than first calculate the total scores (78+72+67+53+51=322) and than distribute it accordingly.

The top org than gets [ 78/322 x the raised amount ] and the last org gets [ 51/322 x the raised amount ].

So in example, the United Actions raises € 20.000 a month, the top organisation gets: € 4844 and last organisation gets: € 3167.

By this mechanic an organisation is rewarded for scoring as high as possible on the Kinder Vetting Framework. The better the organisation performs, the more effective they are in solving the problem they are trying to fix, the bigger the monthly check they get!

And best of all, we help them improve for free with The Charity Zone!

The Charity Zone

All signed up organisations get free insights into their own performance and the get benchmarked insights into the whole cause area they are focussing on. Plus, they get tailored advice on how to improve.

if you know organisations which could benefit from our services, don't hesitate to share the Kinder Charity Zone with them. After all: Kinder sharing is Kinder caring.


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