For the first time in my life, I'm raising funds. For a meta charitable cause.

As some of you readers may know, over the last two years, in 'stealth' I've been working on a Meta-charitable idea called Kinder. 

It started with a What if...

"What if donating to charitable causes was as easy as Tinder?"

Based on a few elements you can see if an organisation matches your interests and compassion.

On Tinder you give your preferences, you see a name, age, some photos, how far he or she is away from you, a short description, your mutual friends and interest and then you decide. Left or right.

Tinder fits perfectly into the fast way we consume media and make decision. You can open the app, swipe for a minute and be done with it.

The world of giving is not so fast. Yet.

Enter Kinder.

Below you find the first public preview of a small part of the app!

The app and ideas have been tested and almost ready to launch and we've vetted nearly 1500 charitable organisations with the help of Impact Center Erasmus.

Initially probably some 500-600 of the vetted organisations will be Kinder approved and make the first cut. These will be invited to start communicating with potential donors in a very fun and contextually relevant way.

And now we are looking for impact investors who want to be part of this adventure.
We are building a healthy B corp. The team now consists of over 30 young ambitious very smart people, focussing on tech, design, content and the vetting and it's framework.

We want to launch the company in The Netherlands and then quickly branch out towards the biggest charitable markets out there.

Contact me if you want us to present the company and ideas and pitch to you our investment deck.

If you're not a big shot investor you can also support us on Patreon starting with $2 per month. We already have one patron!!!

Or just already sign up on www.joinkinder.com and spread the love. 



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