Quit school?

My 50 cents about quitting school.
I was interviewed for Radio 1. You find the small item below. So I'm getting infamous about not having finished my university degree but still ending up well... not in a ditch.That means people keep asking me for interviews.

Apparently almost 25.000 people quit their school education in 2015 in The Netherlands.
I find that quite disturbing.

In the interview (which is short and in Dutch) I point out that I don't necessarily think quitting school is a good idea.
It all starts with a plan or a clear sense about what you want out of life.

The way our school system works (or is broken) is that we want everybody to understand 55% of the school curriculum in order to get to the next phase. And the school curriculum is based on old basic principles about what kids should learn until they are 16-18 years old. Just the basics, nothing tailored to the interests/talents of the particular students.

The 55% equals a 5,5 average grade for the yearly curriculum. If score above the 5,5 average grade for each course you get your school diploma. The school are scored on the amount/percentage of students who get a diploma and so focus on getting the students above this average.

Wouldn't it be better if each individual would try to get 100% out of their own capacity? No matter what the curriculum is?The question of course is if we should hold the educational system accountable for this or that we should hold ourselves (as parents or the society) accountable. I think the last.

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