Podcast: Fatherpreneurship - My Daddy Talks

Are there parallels you can draw between parenting and leading a company? Is tech dangerous for the young developing brain? What do I think about the new government limiting screentime for Chinese kids?

These are the topics of this podcast from My Daddy Talks.
If you are a father and want to learn more from other fathers on how they deal with opportunities and challenges that having kids brings you you can check out Meindert van Wensen his Instagram or LinkedIn.

Safety is the keyword here.

You should raise your kids in a safe environment.
It should feel safe for them to take the first steps in many aspects of life, safe to grow, safe to make mistakes and safe to get to know themselves and the world around them.

Similarly your team needs a safe working environment for a lot of the same reasons. Safety to make mistakes, safety to question the status quo, safety to ask for a raise, safety to start an argument.

We talk about wether or not I think it is a good idea to restrict kids with their screentime, on screen activity and the use of tech in general.

We talk about the workings of addictive platforms and their effects on our kids.

We talk about why keeping open dialogues with your kids is essential to keep them close and to not alienate them.

The podcast is in Dutch, so it will be even more educational for my English visitors. :P


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