Pleasantly surprised by a job applicant

I received a job application for a full-stack developer this morning. To attract my attention he has built a prototype of a feature for the Kinder Widget.

The Kinder widget allows editors to simply add a donation functionality for a Kinder approved organisation straight to a blog, as simple as adding a YouTube video to an article you should be able to embed a Kinder Widget with the result of allowing your readers to donate directly while reading about solutions to world problems.

See this example of the widget for one of our organisations.

What the job applicant has built is the basic functionality to add the widget to Wordpress without having to fiddle with the <iframe> or any code. (Wordpress is used by 37% of all websites on the World Wide Web.

Here's a nice video of how easy it will be for an editor to do good, right from their WP editor.

The applicant has gotten my attention.

Emailing him right now to invite him for an interview.



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