Now we need to grow.

Kinder is raising again

The idea of seed capital is to help entrepreneurs plant and grow their ideas.
I like the metaphor. 

Planting is a very meticulous process. Farmers often put multiple seeds in the ground and hope that some of the seeds will grow in a strong tree baring a lot of fruit. 

First you need seeds, ideally a specimen which has everything in it to grow to its full potential.
You search a solid fruitful piece of land and then you dig a small hole.
You put the seed in and quickly cover the hole up.
Now you let the different elements do their work.
The nutrients in the ground, water, heat from the sun warming the soil. Maybe some insect repelling measures or a small fence around the spot so no-one will step on it.

To the outside world there is practically nothing to see. Many people pass by, hardly anyone stops to take a look or talk to you while watering your precious seed.

Slowly the seed will start to sprout, and eventually it will reach the surface and break through. The elements out there are though. The light is so bright. There is noise. There is wind. There is the climate, the season and the ecosystem around.

It will be though these first months and maybe years.

A startup idea is the seed. The founding team are the farmers. And all the nutrients, the soil, the labour workers are provided by the investors.

2019 will be a defining year for kinder.

Kinder has been planting a lot of seeds. To the outside only Kinder World is visible but we've build the app, a vetting portal, a publisher portal, the donation backbone and API's, the widget and embed options, the organizational portal and we've vetted over 2600 organizations. 

be part of change

2019 will be a transformative year for Kinder and we need some help in making this a Kinder world.

In March 2018 six mission aligned impact investors put their trust in us to help us grow. We could use three additional angels to establish our goals in the upcoming year.

If you want to play a role in this journey, please reach out to me. If you want to learn more or know someone who might be a good fit for us, please check out our pitch.

And read the interview in FD of a few weeks (Dutch) by clicking on the image.


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