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The pen is mightier than the sword. But can be even more effective with our newly launched widget.

Last week we launched the Kinder widget and now we're looking for partners.

At Kinder we empower people to instantly and effectively act on the global challenges of our time by facilitating donations to charitable organisations. The more effective the organisation performs, the more it will be promoted on our donation platforms.

In collaboration with Impact Center Erasmus and experts from six other universities our research team has developed a state-of-the-art vetting framework to assess the performance of charities all over the world. (read more about the framework here)

Last week we've softly launched our donation widget. The first of many tools focussing on making it simple rewarding and fun to play your role in making this a kinder and better place.

The widget (see below) works as follows. We want to help publishers and editors worldwide to give the readers of their articles a perspective for action.

When editors write their stories they sometimes open the eyes of their readers for problems in the world, they feed anger, empathy, astonishment and share knowledge.

The Kinder widget is the aid of writers. It empowers the editor to change their opinion piece in a piece for action.

Please try our widget, support Forward Inc and their beautiful projects by donating some money and give us your feedback.


If you know publishers/media people who might be interested to include the widget in their articles, please connect us!


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