Kinder Conversations

Every quarter we have been organising Kinder Conversations. The formula is as follows.

We bring together thoughtleaders from academia, the markets and the charitable space and have three small keynotes, each speaker presenting their point of view. So far we had events on; The future of meat, discussing the options, plantbased vs labgrown, explaining the devastating effects of the meat industry and ofcourse trying out lots of products.

The second event was about travelling green #flykinder and was targetted mostly at the airlines and ridiculous subsidising of one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Yesterday we held our first even about effective activism. We had inspiring talks from Extinction Rebellion, Filipino LGBT Europe foundation and Datactivism.

If you’ve missed it you can read my opening talk below:

‘ Last Monday I invited someone for this event but he was not sure he could make it because he was also invited for the Inner Peace Conference which is being held here in Amsterdam today.

I find it funny that these events are programmed on the same day. In both events people are unsatisfied by the world around them and they are taking different approaches to deal with it. Our topic today is maybe a more active one.

We don’t accept the status quo and we want change.’

‘ When I set out to build Kinder three years ago I didn’t considered myself an activist.

Although ever since I was a kid I have been rooting for the underdogs.

But now I think that fighting for the underdogs is the essence of activism. 

We at Kinder see ourselves as curators of the most effective charitable organizations trying to improve life on this planet. The best qualified organisations fighting for the underdogs who most need help. Whether the underdogs are minority groups of people, 

Or the underdogs are a million species on the brink of extinction

Or even even when the underdog is the planet itself, which can only speak up by raising sea levels, creating extreme storms and droughts and setting forest on fire. ‘

‘ Kinder curates based on facts and data.

Data we collect using a intelligent set of questions, which we call our vetting framework.

With the insights that data gives us we guide concerned world citizens and big brands towards the best solutions for positive change. We help good intentions find their way to real impact.

And with the same insights we feed the charitable organisations with tailored advice to help them improve and become even more impact-driven. Step-by-step. 

And what I find really important; We use inclusivity as a tool. We don’t shut people out who think or choose differently. We don’t shut organizations out who are not fully impact-driven yet. We want to keep open conversations with anyone and any organisation who wants to do good and do good better. 

And that is how I want to be an activist. By using facts and reasoning to open minds, 

find dialogue and together build a kinder world. ‘

More about the previous Kinder Conversations

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