It's been an activistic month! #supportgoodcauses

February ended up being an interesting activistic month. We decided to support a few initiatives with their online presence. 

1. Artikel 1
I met Sylvana Simons at an event in January. I don't care too much about politics but I think the rights she's fighting for are extremely important and awareness and demystification around the topics of the new Dutch political party Artikel 1 are crucial for achieving their goal. Tag The Love can really help them get their message across and therefore I decided to sponsor them with our platform technlogy and some strategical advice and support. Check out the website at:

2. Tevredenlander
A very cute initiative to empower the Dutch to talk about the good things in life instead of complaining. Something which is done a lot towards the upcoming elections on March 15th. We sponsored a Tag The Love wall to aggregate all social posts with #tevredenlanders. Join and use the webcam to share something you are really happy about at

3. Bring them here

'We, as European Citizens, offer ourselves and our vehicles to relocate the refugees from Greece ourselves. Will you sign up and join us on March 6 in Brussel. The European leaders gather that week and we will be there with our cars, motorcycles, vans or even bicycles to show that we want this relocation done now! They did a #refugeepromise. Now, let us Bring Them Here.'

I followed the proceedings of the The Hague version of this group and reached out to Tinkebell to advice her a little bit on the communications part. That escalated very quickly in becoming involved and supporting them with technology and content.


Let’s Bring Them Here is a grassroots action, started by Dutch citizens, and supported by:

--- some coverage of the demonstration ---

"Let's bring them here": des citoyens se mobilisent pour soutenir les réfugiés - RTBF.belink 
Centenares de personas piden a UE acoger a demandantes de asilo comprometidos - Terralink 
Brussels demo urges EU to respect relocation commitments -  ANSAmedlink
Waarom we vandaag naar Brussel rijden - Amnesty - link
Manifestation à Bruxelles pour la relocalisation des réfugiés en Europe - 7 sur 7 - link
Actie en Rechtzaak voor ruimere asielopvang - Nederlands Dagblad - link

Besides the demostration today in Brussels, the group also sued the Dutch Government for not keeping their promise regarding the re-location. #promised

'Belofte maakt schuld' - dutch saying

This Month:
Let's focus a little bit more on the business.
Reach out if you need help in getting your message across to your audience in a smart and very efficient way. Our tools and tricks are very useful for that.


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