Drawing or colouring?

Some people prefer coloring pages over drawing on blank canvas. What are you?

Some of us prefer drawing over coloring, but need a clear plan.

Some people just start drawing the first line on paper. They have a vague idea about what they want to create.

A tree or dinosaur.

This weekend I went to a dinosaur workshop with my son (4).
He likes dinosaurs, hey, everybody likes dinosaurs, but he loves dragons!

Eli instantly started to draw on a small framed canvas.
He just started right away and after 30 seconds he said: "I ruined it."
He was stuck instantly and wanted to start over.

I looked at what he made and saw some potential. I helped him extend some of the shapes and gave him some direction on the way he could finish it. He watched me for 30 seconds and got interested again.

Drawing on a blank canvas is similar to entrepreneurship.
It is a craft you have to master, and you also need talent.
All the decisions you make effect the way the drawing ends up. 
And you often start with a basic idea and end up with something else.

Are you the visionary or do you want to colour in the drawing someone else has made of course between the lines?


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