RIP Twitpic - save your adventures now

Twitpic decided to call it quits.

There is an option to download your pictures from the site, but we think that that is a solution which doesn't really help you, because you get a zip with just all your files and a text file with nothing but the description below the filename. No time/date, no interface to view your adventures and the worst thing is, your online archive of your memories is gone.

We developed an importer  for your Twitpic pictures (and video). If you use it, you can keep the archive you've been building over the years and you get a lot of extra functionality with that like: search, calendar, hashtags etc.

But the best thing is you can just pick up where Twitpic leaves you because Mobypicture is an upload service which not only shares photo/video and audio to Twitter but to a lot of social platforms you probably are using. Actually we were the first service since 2007 helping people share their adventures to their favourite social sites and we'll be around for long. Especially because our existence doesn't rely on shitty advertising most social platforms are serving you.

(If you want to learn more about how we achieve this, please take a look at Tag The Love.)

So Twitpic ceasing to exist might be a blessing in disguise.

Save your adventures now!

Time constraint

Unfortunately there is a time constraint.
Twitpic has an API rate limit (this means we can only access their archive with a few calls each hour) so the export could take some time.  And because Twitpic states they will flip the switch on the 25th, the clock is ticking.

I'm trying to reach Twitpic founder @noaheverett to increase our API rate limit, but so far he doesn't reply to our emails. Maybe everyone can mention him on Twitter to make sure the exports can be done in time before he pulls the plug.
Okay, after you have exported your pictures, please follow the instructions to get started sharing using Mobypicture.
You can also use Instagram with Mobypicture.

We are also a selectable service in most Twitter clients. We suggest a few for you to use:
Twittelator (iOS)
Tweetbot (iOS)

Janetter for Twitter (Android)
- or one of the many other Moby enabled Android Apps

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