On a roll. Kinder future secured. Financing round completed. People added to the team.

Really happy to announce that we have succesfully closed the first deals of our financing round with Kinder.

In December I blogged about the fact that we are raising funds to speed up the rollout of our dreams and ambitions to change the charitable sector ecosystem.

The first round closed on March 15th and we aligned our vision with six impact investors, all in this for the same ideals.

There still is room for 2-3 tickets, so if you are interested in joining or know anyone who could be interested and fits our impact profile, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Some quotes from the investors:

"I love this because this could change the donation world. I love the idea of building the technology around a great philosophy, a philosophy that could and should grow."
"There is a lot to be gained and I was astounded by the knowledge about how much inefficiencies there are in the sector as a whole and especially around the fundraising practices."

Over the last two weeks we already had over twenty job interviews for the many vacancies we have because of our big plans. That resulted in already adding three new bright minds to the team.

We still in the process of hiring more devs and an event manager/organiser. So if you know someone who fits the profile, please reach out.

Want to see a cool sneak peak of the app?


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