Are you afraid?

Today I visited the Pikpa refugee camp near Mytilini Airport in Lesbos.
This camp hosts special cases. Handicapped or wounded or otherwise vulnerable people.

I met a few of the refugees while they were working out, revalidating, with their self-made gym equipment.
One was from Iran, one from Morocco and the last one was Naveed from Pakistan.
The were telling me that they were born on three different continents. Asia, Africa and the Middle East :)

Naveed had his hand wrapped in bandages.
In the above picture he's the one on the left.

I asked him what happened.
He told me his fingers had been frozen during his flee from Pakistan.
He showed me pictures of the initial wounds and blackened fingers on his Samsung phone.

Tomorrow he finally can go to the hospital to get them cut.
First I thought he meant getting the bandages cut off, but then it hit me. 
His three dead fingers on his right hand were going to be cut off!

I asked him: "Are you nervous." He didn't understand me, his english was not that good. "Are you scared?" He didn't understand.
I then asked him "Are you afraid?"
He knew that word. Afraid.

With his good hand, he reached in his pocket and took out plastic container, in the container was a carefully folded piece of paper. He showed it to me. It was his application certificate for his Greek permit. 
He was not afraid to be sent back to his home country.


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