An offer you can't Re fuse

I met Olfa Ben Ali in August of 2014. She reached out and wanted to create a website to bridge art and politics. She wanted to portrait refugees and connect them to Dutch artists.

During our meeting the idea grew to create a Glossy Magazine to show the rich culture of the refugees who end up in our AZC's.

We both thought that the stories about refugees are polarized. The mainstream media only feed us the horrors. The horrors of the wars they have fled from, the horrors of their journey into Europe, the horrors of the integration problems and other things that go wrong in the process.

The media are not giving us input on the other side of the story. The fact that our new neighbours came from rich cultures. Cultures with beautiful fashion, lifestyle, food, art, just like our town. Culture which should be presented to us in glossy way. To browse, to discover, and to remix into our lives, instead of fearing it.

I was very surprised to have found out in december that Olfa pursued the idea which grew substantially since that meeting and created Re fuse magazine with the help of many others.

Please pre-order a copy (or a few) to help spread these positive stories.

About Re|Fuse Magazine

Re|fuse is a glossy fashion magazine made through collaboration between artists and refugees from many different places leading to another aesthetic and positive view on the refugee issue.

Re|fuse Magazine contains contributions of Ai WeiWei, Barbara Visser, Bas Kosters, Liselore Frowijn, Hala Al-Abed, Blommers/Schumm and many others.

Re|fuse Magazine wants to give back dignity to the people who left behind their scarce and wet belongings at the shores of the Mediterranean. Their stories need to be told in another way. By different means. By different voices and different images.

Re|fuse Magazine shows the unstoppable flow of inspiration, trends and styles coming out of hotspots like Aleppo, Khabul, Baghdad and Addis Ababa.

Re|fuse Magazine is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Art Of Impact, LenteMedia and KesselsKramer.


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