Iron men

Endearing video of Iron Man who brings a 7 year old a bionic arm.
With Týrsday we are helping NOC*NSF and three more partners with a storytelling quest around sports for disabled people. In The Netherlands there are 1.700.000+ people with some sort of disability which makes it difficult for them, or at least the conceive it this way, to do sports. Practicing some form of sports of course is very important for both physical and mental health. We're trying to develop compelling storylines to change the perspective from: "I will never be able to do that!" to "Hey, I can do that.".  If you think it is a good cause and want to do something yourself, consider joining the Giathlon. This is the first ever indoor Triathlon, held on december 13th. You would have to swim for 10 minutes, run for 20 minutes and bike for 30 minutes. All in all only one hour of sports. The one who, on average, makes the most miles wins. You have two months to train and get some personal sponsors.

Sign up  today!

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