Any rich people out there who want to find happiness?

Last week, I shared an idea I have about a Good Causes app with a friend. I've been walking around with the idea for quite a while, but.... so busy doing other things. But this non-for-profit idea is just too good...
And until you do something with an idea, it will remain an idea. I know that.

I didn't do anything with the idea yet, because I promised myself focus. Focus on Mobypicture, Tag The Love and my family. I allowed myself to have one small project on the side. In stealth mode, I'm also working on Peter's Pan, and this Good causes app could very well be the first real product because it fits right in to it's principles.

A few days later my friend send me an email with his thoughts on my idea. He even came up with a name for the app. 
Something interesting happened; I just talked about the app and that triggered a smart guy to start thinking about it as well. 
He started putting things on paper and invited me to do the same and set a new meeting.  

Me sharing the idea, and the fact that is is also a really good idea, kickstarted this and now it is out and I've decided to commit some time to the idea and see if we can grow this.
But for that we need help. 

We need both some funds and we need some hands.
We might start a crowdfunding campaign for this, but first we're trying to form the team and see if there are people out there who can get us started even faster.
Do you know people who want to invest time and money in an app which will make this world a better place?
We are looking for:

It will be a non-for-profit app, karma is about the only thing this will earn you in the short term, so this is not a full time job. 
But karma will be the new currency (as you can see in the video below).

p.s. If you want to have a cup of coffee to learn more about our plans or think of joining up, please contact me.
the new definition of a billionaire is he who will positively affect the lives of a billion people

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